Important documents

  • Employers Newsletters

    The Fund issues Employers Newsletters covering actuarial funding, legal and technical aspects of the management of the Fund as well as informing of events where these matters are discussed.  Copies of these newsletters are available here:

    Employers Newsletters

    Pensions Line Newsletters:

    Peninsula Pensions issues the Pensions Line newsletter covering administrative operational matters.  Copies of these newsletters can be found here: Pensions Line Newsletters

  • Accessibility

    We take accessibility seriously and recognise that some of the information presented in the file available on this page may not be fully accessible to someone using assistive technology such as a screen reader.

    We will be working to present the information contained within the file in a more accessible format but if you need guidance or an alternative format in the meantime, email  with details of any preferred format and the assistive technology you use.