Investment and Pension Fund Committee

The Investment and Pension Fund Committee oversees the operation of the Devon Pension Fund on behalf of Devon County Council.


The Investment and Pension Fund Committee Representatives are:

Representing Devon County Council

  • Councillor James Morrish (Chairman)
  • Councillor Phil Bullivant (Vice-Chairman)
  • Councillor Yvonne Atkinson
  • Councillor Henry Gent
  • Councillor George Gribble
  • Councillor Marcus Hartnell

Representing Devon unitary and district councils

  • Councillor Judy Pearce (Devon district councils)
  • Councillor Andy Lugger (Plymouth City Council)
  • Councillor James O’Dwyer (Torbay Council)

Representing other employers

  • Councillor Ray Bloxham (Cranbrook Town Council)

Observers representing the beneficiaries

  • Lorraine Parker-Delaz-Ajete
  • Roberto Franceschini
  • Michael Daniell

Independent advisor

  • Anthony Fletcher (MJ Hudson Allenbridge)

County Council officers

  • Angie Sinclair – Director of Finance
  • Mark Gayler – Head of Investments
  • Rachel Lamb – Head of Pension Administration – Peninsula Pensions

Fund actuary

  • Graeme Muir, Barnett Waddingham LLP


The Minutes of previous meetings and the Agenda’s for upcoming Investment and Pension Fund Committee meetings can be browsed online.