Your Pension Fund Representatives

The Investment and Pension Fund Committee oversees the operation of the Devon Pension Fund on behalf of Devon County Council.

Representing Devon County Council

  • Councillor James Morrish (Chairman)
  • Councillor Phil Bullivant (Vice-Chairman)
  • Councillor Yvonne Atkinson
  • Councillor Henry Gent
  • Councillor George Gribble
  • Councillor Marcus Hartnell

Representing Devon unitary and district councils

  • Councillor Judy Pearce (Devon district councils)
  • Councillor Dr John Mahony (Plymouth City Council)
  • Councillor James O’Dwyer (Torbay Council)

Representing other employers

  • Councillor Ray Bloxham (Cranbrook Town Council)


  • Representing the contributors – Stephanie Teague and Jo Cook
  • Representing the beneficiaries – Roberto Franceschini

Independent advisor

  • Anthony Fletcher (MJ Hudson Allenbridge)

County Council officers

  • Angie Sinclair – Director of Finance
  • Mark Gayler – Assistant County Treasurer, Investments
  • Daniel Harris – Head of Peninsula Pensions

Fund actuary

  • Graeme Muir, Barnett Waddingham LLP

Devon Pension Board

The Devon Pension Board includes representatives of the Fund’s employers and members. Its role is to assist the Administering Authority in securing:

  • compliance with LGPS and any other relevant legislation
  • compliance with requirements imposed by the Pensions Regulator in relation to the LGPS
  • the effective and efficient governance and administration of the LGPS
  • Find out more about the Pension Board.